Conan Lives!

Did anyone else watch Conan last night? It felt like a solid start, not outstanding, but definitely better than his first Tonight Show episode. There were some good laughs with the opening “Last season on Conan” video and he immediately brought out the Masturbating Bear to good effect. His energy was high and it looked like he was having fun, which was infectious. I just wish the interview segments didn’t feel so stilted. Seth Rogen was entertaining, but the interview with Lea Michele just dragged on for what felt like forever (that could be my problem, I really can’t stand Glee). I even enjoyed the rockabilly number with Jack White (and I normally can’t stand him).

I’m kind of glad to see that he doesn’t seem to be trying to reinvent the late night talk show–he’s just trying to do a good version of it. It wasn’t as good as the height of his Late Night days or the anarchic end of his run on The Tonight Show, but it was still better than the other late night talk shows currently on the air. Given his track record, I’m optimistic that he’ll only improve.

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