Life Wish

In doing research for the Death Wish sequel reviews I’ll be writing all month long, I learned that Jill Ireland (Charles Bronson’s wife and costar of Death Wish 2) died of breast cancer. During her long struggle with the disease, she wrote a memoir called Life Wish.

Against my better judgment, I laughed. Hard.

As someone who has seen all five Death Wish films and is a bona fide fan of at least two of them, I can’t really think of anything sillier. Well, Once Upon a Time in the Breast would be sillier, but you know what I mean. It just strikes me as inappropriate to reference one of the most gleefully violent film franchises in history in the title of a serious book about battling breast cancer. I know Bronson was her husband, but still…

Am I the world’s worst person for thinking Life Wish is a really absurd, amusing title? Or am I the world’s worst person for “Once Upon a Time in the Breast“? You decide!

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  1. Matt Wedge says:

    Did you read the memoir? Maybe she turns it into an action fantasy where she takes up arms against the cancer and brutally kills it in a cold-blooded manner.

    But yeah, it does seem a little…off to title a book about breast cancer after an exploitation franchise. Maybe she thought more people would check it out if her connection to Bronson was made more obvious? There’s also the chance that this was the publisher’s idea. I have read interviews with people in the past who have been unhappy with the title a publisher gave their memoir/autobiography.

  2. D. B. Bates says:

    Oh, that would be great. “Fantastic Voyage” meets “Aliens.”

    I picture her chomping a cigar, shouting “Metasta-DIE!” while a gratuitous explosion fills the frame behind her.

    You’re right, though. I don’t know the backstory behind the title, and for some reason I’m under the delusion that creative people make more choices than they actually do. Ireland was never a hugely successful actress, so it is possible that the publisher insisted she coast on Bronson’s fame to sell a few more books.

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