Remake The Toxic Avenger? Really?

Apparently this was announced last April and I just missed it.  It seems that now the studios have moved on to pillaging Troma films.  Now, I’m no big fan of the studio or its output.  I’ve never been a big fan of self-consciously campy movies, but do the powers that be (in this case, Akiva Goldsman–insert your Batman and Robin jokes here) really think that people are going to see a remake of The Toxic Avenger?

I actually like Steve Pink.  I enjoyed what he did with Hot Tub Time Machine and I think he managed to make Accepted work a lot better than it had any right to.  But I have to wonder just what he thinks he’s going to pull off here?  I suppose he might make me eat my words, but this just seems like a horrible idea.  Not because the original is a classic (it’s not, it’s a piece of crap), but because no one wants to see this.  This is the remake equivalent of adapting comic books that only hard-core comic nerds are familiar with.  The non-fans have no interest in watching it and the comic nerds will only be outraged.  How about pursuing some original scripts for a change?

Am I alone in understanding that this is lunacy?

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One Response to “Remake The Toxic Avenger? Really?”

  1. D. B. Bates says:

    I assume the thinking goes like this: “People saw ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ People love comic-book movies. What is a shitty comic-esque property we can co-opt to combine the two into an action-packed dramedy with a serious message tackling one of the most important issues of our time?”

    Alternatively: “Yes, Mr. Goldsman. That’s a brilliant idea!”

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