The Dungeonmaster

Several years ago, I had my first exposure to a little-seen anthology film called The Dungeonmaster.  A combination of directors who have brought us such goofy films as The Puppetmaster series, the Ghoulies series, and Laserblast toiled on the story of a nerdy computer programmer who is zapped into a Dungeons & Dragons-esque gaming world and becomes the plaything of Mestema, a Satanic figure played by Richard Moll (Bull from Night Court).

I was not exposed to the film itself, which was pretty hard to come by, but by an audio clip a friend made of Richard Moll reciting the greatest monologue in the history of cinema: I Remember When I Was a Lad…

Operating under the delusion that the film provided some sort of context for this disturbing yet awesome description of animal cruelty, I immediately leaped onto and bought a cheap VHS copy of The Dungeonmaster.  It disappointed me to learn that the monologue is pretty much self-contained.  It has nothing to do with the story, characters, or anything else.  I like to believe Moll ad-libbed this while practicing his Orson Welles impression.

At any rate, The Dungeonmaster just popped up on Netflix’s Instant Queue, if anyone’s interested in a terrible anthology film with one spectacular, nonsensical moment.

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  1. Matt Wedge says:

    Ah, The Dungeonmaster. I actually have never seen this, but I’ve heard plenty about it over the years. Not much of it good. It’s hard to believe that at one point, people actually thought Charles Band could be the next Roger Corman. His movies had production values so threadbare they made Cannon films look like David Lean films. If I wasn’t so burned out on crappy movies, I’d check this out.

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